How to Make a Clip Art Set (a brainstorming exercise)

by | Sep 1, 2021 | For Moms, Start Your Own Clip Art Shop

The question begs…how to make a clip art set?


This is the part I love next to drawing. I love coming up with big ideas and lists then niching down down down as far as I can go! Believe me, you’d be surprised how far you can niche down!

Let’s go! Here’s how you can make and curate your own clip art set!

First, pick a theme. Let’s start with DOGS.

According to Hills Pet,there are 360 recognized dog breeds in the world. You can absolutely make a clip art set featuring all 360, but depending on your customers’ needs, this may not be necessary. So you could niche down to TOY DOGS (my personal favorite lol).

Here is the list of AKC recognized Toy breeds. There are 22 recognized breeds in this group.

So there you have it, ONE curated clip art set. Just draw one of each dog.

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But if you niche down further, you know have a potential 22 more clip art sets of dogs. Draw each dog in different positions or colors, 5-10 and list each breed as a set.

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What else can you do? Make varieties! Christmas dogs, for one. Pit bulls wearing flower crowns! Change your art style, for instance. Make them Kawaii style, or simplified line drawings.

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Combine ideas. Food and dogs.

Dessert and dogs. 

birthday party dogs clip art on etsy

Birthdays and dogs.

Shiba inu clip art in tea cups on etsy

Shiba Inus in a cup!


The possibilities are LITERALLY endless.

Now apply the same technique with SHOES.

Types of shoes! Here’s a list! Pick one type, and do them in different colors or patterns.

high heels clip art on etsy

High heels!

sneakers clip art on etsy


flowers in sneakers clip art on etsy

Get creative! Stick flowers in them!

high heels on feet clip art on etsy

And feet!

Whatever your imagination can come up with! And the best part is, this exercise works with your own artistic vision!

I like to keep track of my lists in a spreadsheet. Being a visual person (as I imagine you are as well), I find that mind mapping is really helpful (and fun!).

Need more ideas? Check out What to Include in a Christmas Clip Art Set!

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red roses clip art set how to curate


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